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Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, grow, and make a difference. Join the Black Trust Fund Kids Community today and let's embark on an extraordinary journey together. You deserve to be rich in money, time, power, peace, and joy.



We are a community of ambitious and driven individuals ready to rewrite the narrative surrounding Intergenerational wealth. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a 9-to-5er, or a homemaker, BTFK Club is your platform to take control of your financial future.


We provide you with education, mindset, mentorship, and a network to grow a wildly successful financial future for generations. Join our ranks and help us close the wealth gap one member at a time.

Why Join the BTFK Club?

Members of The Club are:


High-caliber individuals seeking to upgrade their network.


Ambitious individuals determined to build intergenerational wealth.


Committed individuals focused on personal and financial growth.

Your Path to Generational Wealth.

If you don't have legacy wealth – yet! – and want a clear path to get there… JOIN THE BTFK CLUB NOW!


The Power of Community

BTFK Club is more than just a club; we are a movement committed to financial education and wealth-building for historically and systematically marginalized communities.

Join us, and let's build a prosperous future together!

Outcomes You'll Achieve

Join the BTFK Club and we'll guide you to:

Amplify your income — consistently — month after month.

Develop a self-sufficient business that thrives even without your constant supervision.

Transform your side gig into your primary income generator capable of earning you millions.

Optimize your financial choices to capitalize on your earning capacity.

Aim for a millionaire lifestyle — without compromising your wellbeing, family ties, or moral values.

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Establish generational wealth to provide your kids (and their kids) with a life abundant with resources, wealth, and opportunities.

Master the art of team management and evolve into an accomplished CEO.

Remember, your wealth journey doesn't have to be walked alone.
At BTFK, we walk
together towards a financially empowered future.


In the BTFK Club, you'll never feel like you're the "only" one.

Whether you identify as a woman, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, living with a disability, or represent any other underserved community…

You've found your haven.

We're the ONLY online family community teeming with individuals who resonate with your experiences, aspirations, and goals.


Tailored Support for Your Journey

Regardless of your financial status, YOU'LL FIND ASSISTANCE IN THE BTFK CLUB.

Whether your annual income is under $50k, you've just crossed your first six-figure mark, or even if you're a multi-six-figure earner, we meet you right where you are – and guide you to ascend further.

To help you transcend your current revenue threshold and reach your goals swiftly, we deploy a potent tool – the BTFK Growth Gauge™.

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Roadblocks to Generational Wealth


/ YOUR CHALLENGES – Unearth why you've been wrestling to increase your income.

/ YOUR LEAKS – Identify where you're inadvertently forfeiting earnings that could be rightfully yours.

/ YOUR STRATEGY – Pinpoint the specific actions required to scale your revenue to the next level.

Then, you receive a bespoke action plan to execute.

Keep moving forward, step by step, to continue your ascent towards financial independence.

Our distinctive wealth preservation metric is underpinned by data from the IRS, U.S. Census, Amex State of Women-Owned Business Report, and our proprietary research.

This is our exclusive tool — only accessible to BTFK Club members.

This is how we help our members achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Meet Your Intergenerational Wealth Building Team!


Portia M. Wood, Esq.

/ Premier Business, Mindset, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, and Visionary Coach


Jamaica Bryant, MBA

/ Top-tier Operations, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Sales Coach

Guest Coaches

/ Business, wellness. Taxes, Real Estate and more...

In the BTFK Club, you're collaborating with the best. When you become a part of the BTFK Club, you're investing in excellence.



The best part? Your Founding Legacy membership rate is locked for life, guaranteed, if paid in full annually. No matter how our programming expands or how much our community grows, you'll always enjoy your current rate as our way of saying "thank you" for being a part of our foundational journey.

Make a lifetime commitment to your financial future. Step into your legacy today!


Join us as a FOUNDING LEGACY MEMBER and solidify your commitment to financial empowerment and generational wealth. Your legacy starts NOW!

Remember, the power to transform your financial future and impact generations starts with YOU. At BTFK, we not only equip you with the tools and support, but we also honor your commitment to making a difference.

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