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About Black Trust Fund Kids

Taking Ownership of Black Inter-generational Wealth

Black Trust Fund Kids (BTFK) was established by Portia Wood, a seasoned generational wealth planning attorney and coach with a steadfast commitment to rewrite the narrative surrounding black intergenerational wealth. We are a community that values resource sharing and fellowship, and we are committed to empowering one another to achieve our collective financial goals.

Our mission at BTFK is to passionately assist minority communities in nurturing and safeguarding wealth through in-depth education on estate planning, business development, and intergenerational wealth protection. We believe in challenging the concerning narrative of America's growing racial wealth gap, which, without action, could see the median wealth of Black Americans plummet to zero by 2053.

We provide a wealth of resources such as informative webinars, a comprehensive resource library, free educational programs on Clubhouse, and engaging TikTok content. These tools are designed to safeguard your family's legacy, grow your wealth, and promote a culture of financial literacy.

By joining our community, you contribute to a powerful message:

We should all strive to be Black Trust Fund Kids.


We invite you to learn with us and participate in our community.

At BTFK, we are more than just a club. We are a movement committed to financial education and wealth-building for the Black community.

Join us on this transformative journey.

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